Special therapy programs for your four-paws friend.
Do you love your little pet? Do you want it to be
healthy, secure, calm and happy?
Choose Quanpet and find out that it really works!



Especially for those who would like to get an insight into our device Quanpet, we prepared a short video.

There you will find out more about our therapy programs for animals, the device itself as well as its functioning and available options. The video presents advantages of Quanpet.

The video is available on the left

The first solution for you and your animal friend!

How does it work?

The device Quanpet has a form of a little clip that can be attached to dog's cat's or horses' collars. You can also place it in a cage, fish-bowl or terrarium of your pet. Quanpet has got an embedded display with therapy recordings. It's entirely safe for animals.

The miniature clip attached to the pet's collar can be operated manually or through a special phone application.

All treatment programs contain recordings that intend to modify the animals? feelings and to cause a specific reaction like calm, sense of security, comfort and better mood, relieve of longing or acceleration of recovery process.


Quanpet is a fantastic mobile device with therapeutic programs, made for animals. This mini-size clip contains recordings that will vastly help your pet to reduce fears, aggression, feels of longing or depression and speed up the recovery process.

The cat's and dog's app contains
following modules:

  • Fears
  • Longing
  • Health
  • Aggression

The horse's module consists of:

  • Health
  • Depression

How long does
the therapy take?

The Quanpet device has a re-run modus which enables to repeat the recordings as often as it is needed for the animal. For achieving the best results, the therapy should take about 3 weeks. It is important that it's safe both for humans and animals.

Here is one of users' opinion of Quanpet.
"I used to have a lot of troubles with my dog that suddenly became so aggressive, started pulling on the leash, attacking other dogs. I accidentally came across the Quanpet device and I am really delighted. Dino has definitely become more gentle, does not jerk and jiggle itself and does not bark at every passer-by. I recommend the program to all facing similar difficulties. It really works!" - Sophia from Torun


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