What is Quanpet?

Quanpet is a fantastic mobile device with therapeutic programs, made for animals. This mini-size clip contains recordings that will vastly help your pet to reduce fears, aggression, feels of longing or depression and speed up the recovery process. Quanpet consists of special programs for:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • horses and other animals

Incredible story of Wanda Wegener

Quanpet has been created by Wanda Wegener - a well-known psychologist, coach and specialist in workshops for success holistic psychology, author of a well-read book ?Master Your Life, Master Your Health?.

The creator of therapeutic programs in Quanpet device runs numerous courses and business workshops as well as those in personal development. Their main prerequisite is to make use of force of motivation, visualization and your own thoughts in pursuit of being successful (professionally and personally).

Miracle preceded by a great tragedy

Wanda Wegener is the perfect example for the efficiency of her own therapy programs. The future psychologist and coach in the time as a student of Medicine Academy in Posnan went to Germany to continue her studies. This exploit succeeded at that time only to few- the 70ies were not propitious for any academic exchanges whereas the West-European universities were an unfulfilled dream for many young Poles. At the same time, Ms. Wegener started working as a medical caretaker for elderly people.

Due to overwork however she was struck by an apoplexy that caused an impairment of cerebral centers and in the aftermath a clinical death. An advanced operation saved her life, but the doctors gave no chance of a full recovery. The diagnosis was merciless- loss of memory and  paralysis condemning to a wheel-chair.  The patient?s husband could not assume the great responsibility and eventually left her for good.

Wanda Wegener could not come to terms with the diagnosis and began her own struggle for a full recovery. Systematic exercises implied visualization techniques that were due to repair the cerebral devastations. The trouble paid off- after 2 years? intensive exercise Ms. Wegener recovered entirely what was a true wonder for the doctors.

Innovative therapy program

After recovery Ms. Wegener graduated from Therapeutic Pedagogy and Psychology at the Freie Universität of Berlin.

The acquired knowledge, skills and her own experiences were useful for her to come up with a holistic therapy programs to help people in getting successful (its ideas can be also found in her book "Master Your Life, Master Your Health".

In 1999 Ms. Wegener started to run lectures and workshops where she could widespread her methods, she also recorded CDs. The ideas of her therapy program is to make use of the power of mind in struggle against diseases at the recovery stage. The famous psychologist collaborates with many prominent doctors (e.g.  Małgorzata Gawor, Małgorzata Chrobok, Maria Glińska, Halina Pszeniczna, Klaudia Brzyszczan).

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