Users' opinions of Quanpet

"I used to have a lot of troubles with my dog that suddenly became so aggressive, started pulling on the leash, attacking other dogs. I accidentally came across the Quanpet device and I am really delighted. Dino has definitely become more gentle, does not jerk and jiggle itself and does not bark at every passer-by. I recommend the program to all facing similar difficulties. It really works!"

Zosia from Toruń

Aggressive dog

"The Quanpet device was recommended to me by one of my friends ? also a cat owner. She?d got her pet probably from her other friends and apparently it was not accustomed to being left alone. Every time we came back from work, we found a great havoc at our place- demolished flower-pots, kitchen utensils and scratches on shelfs and racks. I?ve been using the application ?Longing? for 2 weeks and  I?ve noticed remarkable progress. My cat has become more reassured and gets more used to being left alone by its owner."

Justyna from Warsaw

Irritated cat

"Some time ago I took a dog from a shelter and it turned out that the animal is very intimidated. Each time somebody shouted, our dog hid itself and ran away under a table. Searching for some advice on the Internet, I came across some reference about the device Quanpet and that was a real good shot. Our Saba has become more self-confident and courageous and is not afraid of being stroked. The device is easy to be handled and comfortable - you can activate the therapeutic recordings over the special phone application. I recommend this solution to everybody."

Agata from Wałbrzych

Intimidated dog

"Our lovely dog had a surgical intervention and the doctor said that it would take a lot of time for it to recover. She also suggested using the device Quanpet. I must admit, I was initially a bit skeptical about it but the later effects surpassed my dreariest expectations - Aza is healthy again, endured bravely all the pains and post-operational inconveniences. She has become more reassured. It really works."

Ela from Szczecin

Sick dog

"A fantastic thing helping to tame the horses? aggression. They become more calm and get used to saddle-riding."

Krzysztof form Szczecina

Horses? aggression

"I heard only positive things about Ms. Wanda Wegner?s workshops. I must admit, I was a bit surprised at the possibility of an therapeutic program for animals, however I decided to try it out. My dog was very aggressive, it took only 2 weeks of therapy for rendering my lovely pet calmer. The device is a really terrific device. I recommend it to everyone facing similar problems."

Anna from Katowic

Aggressive dog

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