Quanpet for cats

Quanpet is a fantastic mobile device with therapeutic programs, made for animals. This mini-size clip contains recordings that will vastly help your pet to reduce fears, aggression, feels of longing or depression and speed up the recovery process.

The cats's app contains following modules: Fears, Longing, Health, Aggression

For cats - fears

Quanpet - give your cat some courage

Do you find your cat scared and see it being constantly afraid and run away as soon as somebody want to stroke it? Or maybe you?re having 2 or 3 another cats at your place and of them is starkly dominated by its fellows and spends most of its time searching for a hiding place so that it could feel secure?

A good care and tending is not always sufficient. The animals also feel, they remember bad experiences that were a part of. If your cat used to be neglected or used to compete with another cat fellows or was permanently persecuted by a dog, it will be difficult for the cat to overcome its fears.

Product description

Quanpet - comfortable device

We come up with a perfect solution that can replace classic treatment therapies. Thinking of intimidated cats and other animals, we would like to present to you Quanpet- an unique mobile device containing an efficient therapy program. All you have to do it to attach a tiny clip to your cat buddie?s collar so that it helps it to regain calm, overcome its fears and feel totally secure.

The device contains a display that can be operated directly on the device or through a special mobile phone application. Thanks to your phone you would be able to switch on the program from wherever you will be. The soothing therapy will come to your cat regardless of where you are.

Guarantee of working

The program has been created by an experienced psychologist, the author of a well-read book Master Your Life, Master Your Health". The knowledge of motivation and visualization is being used for emotional problems of animals.

The time of therapy must be tailored to the needs of a concrete animal- on the average it should take about 3 weeks. The display has the re-run modus so that the recordings can be repeated ? the whole therapy is not problematic for the owner.

Check out the device Quanpet, switch on the application "Fears" and find out that the recordings will help your pet to feel secure. We guarantee a full efficiency, proven by many animal lovers.

For cats - longing

Quanpet - help your cat to overcome its longing

Does your cat often stay at home? Did you have to go away and leave it under the care of someone else and did it feel bad about it and act strangely The pets get used to their owners and when the latter are away, the animals miss them?.

Almost all cats get bored when they are left alone. In search for an activity, they may create a havoc at your place. But you probably know it from your experience. Does your pet scratch your furniture? Or does it throw down flower-pots or other small kitchen stuff?

Product description

Mobile therapy

We?re having a perfect solution for you- a mobile device Quanpet. It has a shape of a tiny, practical clip that you attach to the cat?s collar. The device has an embedded display with therapeutic programs, created by a famous psychologist Wanda Wegener. On the request of her workshop-visitors she invented a world-first treatment program for the animals. They have a form of recordings which are installed in a clip that can be operated either directly on the display or over a mobile phone application. The latter enables to handle the device from wherever you are.

All you need is to switch on the application "Longing" so that your cat listens to the recording and feels a sense of security. Your buddy will feel more confident, comfortable and that will diminish its longing for the owners in time of their absence. The recording can be rerun as many times as possible according to the needs of your pet.

The desirable effects shall occur after 3 weeks of therapy.

Get today the device Quanpet for yourself and make your animal feel secure.

For cats - health

Quanpet - help your cat to get back on its paws

It has been proved a long time ago that the psychological condition, the right approach and perseverance are beneficial for the recovery process. The visualization and trust in the efficiency of the therapy have a positive influence on the body and help many patients to fight their diseases.

Quanpet - therapeutic recording hidden in a tiny device

This knowledge is coming now to the veterinary. We offer Quanpet ? a modern mobile device that helps your pet to overcome the disease, cope with its pains and survive the recovery time after an operation.

Product description

Quanpet is a tiny clip with an embedded display. It can be connected to a special phone application. The device is operated either manually or over this application that enables its activating from wherever you are. It is very simple and intuitive and can be installed on any smartphone model.

The therapeutic program was created by Wanda Wegener ? psychologist and coach that became famous thank to her own method of using the power of mind, motivation and visualization in the recovery process. The participants of her workshops were thrilled about the perfect effects and suggested using a similar method for their pets. Wanda Wegener as an animal lover faced this challenge and began with the creation of an innovative therapeutic program, especially for animals (dogs, cats, horses)

How does the application "Health" work?

All you need is to activate the application "Health" directly on the device or over a mobile phone application. Your pet will receive a special therapeutic and soothing recording that will help its recovery. It will be also beneficial for its well-being, mental balance, regaining of strength and becoming calm. Its body will recover faster from an disease and it will get back on its paws. The therapy should take about 3 weeks.

Do not let your little cat friend suffer. Choose our device Quanpet and help it to recover. Find out that the holistic psychology can do miracles.

For cats - aggression

Does your cat scratch on your furniture? Does it not let be stroked? Does it show its crawls leave its marks on your hands or legs? Or do you have maybe a small child and you?re afraid of a cat?s aggressive behavior?

Product description

Therapy coming from your smartphone

If you would like your animal to be calm and happy, choose our innovative offer ? mobile device Quanpet. This miniature device in a form of a clip has but to be attached to the cat?s collar. Tiny shapes make this device unproblematic and very effective (the pet should not even notice its presence). The clip has an embedded display that enables the animal to listen to special therapeutic recordings. They can be operated either directly on the device or through a special mobile phone application.
You just need to elect the proper app "aggression" so that your pet could listen to the recording that brings to it calm, relieve of tension and reduction of aggression.

Therapy program of a famous psychologist

The recordings that Quanpet is made of, were created by Wanda Wegener who has a great experience in motivation psychology and using of power of mind in being successful. The animal therapy is based on up-to-date knowledge in holistic psychology, workshops Ms. Wegener has run as well as on her own traumatic experiences in combating of a whole-body paralysis.

The therapy by Quanpet device has to take about 3 weeks, so that your pet feels secure, calm and comfortable. Find out that opinions of many users do not lie Cure your cat of aggression and make it feel calm and happy.


  • Is Quanpet safe?
    Yes, it is safe both for humans and animals
  • What is Quanpet made of?
    Quanpet is made of very durable fabrics

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