Quanpet for dogs

Quanpet is a fantastic mobile device with therapeutic programs, made for animals. This mini-size clip contains recordings that will vastly help your pet to reduce fears, aggression, feels of longing or depression and speed up the recovery process.

The dog's app contains following modules: Fears, Longing, Health, Aggression

For dogs - Aggression

Quanpet - tame efficiently the canine aggression

Are you the owner of American Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Argentinian dog or Bulldog? You're dreaming of Caucasian shepherd but you?re afraid that your dog is on the list of aggressive races? Or is your canine friend a little doggy that is considered a gentle one but you can't understand why it?s become so aggressive and angry with people and other dog fellows?

Quanpet - say an unequivocal NO to dog's aggression

When your friend pulls constantly on the leash, barks all the time and throws itself on a passer-by or an another dog, we came up for you with an ideal solution. We would like to present to you a special mobile device Quanpet with the world-first therapeutic program, made especially for animals. The application ?Aggression? will help you to tame the dog?s anger, calms it down, grants a high comfort and reduces intolerable behavior towards other fellows or people.

Product description

The therapy has been invented by a psychologist Wanda Wegener who is an author of an innovative method using the power of mind. The device Quanpet was created on the request of Ms. Wegener?s workshop participants who were just excited about terrific results and effect of the therapy and suggested using for their own pet animals.

How does it work?

The program has a form of a recording that was embedded in a display of a small-size clip. All you need is to attach it to your pet?s collar, activate the recording manually or over a special mobile phone application, so that the soothing sound could come to your pet and relieve its aggression, calm down and make it feel happy.

The recording has a re-run modus - it can be operated not only while you?re with you dog but also from wherever you are through the mentioned application. Your dog will get rid of the aggression provided that the therapy is systematic. We recommend it for at least 3 weeks.

Choose right now our innovative Quanpet device with 4 therapeutic applications and help your pet to handle its aggression, make it feel more friendly to other people and animals. We can assure that thanks to the therapeutic application ?Aggression? your doggy pet will feel more calm and happier.

For dogs - fears

Quanpet - "clip" that helps you to tame your dog's fears

Are you a proud dog owner? Do you love your four-pawns friends and care about it? You just want the best for it? You keep in mind its appropriate diet, veterinary check-up, hygiene and tending? You perfectly realize that your doggy needs frequent walks, common plays and has to spend a lot of time in the open? Do you stroke and spoil it? And despite of that your dog is sleepy, sluggish and afraid? It runs away as soon as it notices a stranger, panically hids itself behind your legs while encountering an another dog?

Product description

Where do the dog?s fears come from and how to tame them?

The dog?s fears have different reasons. The may stem from previous experiences (especially those dogs that come from a shelter) That animal could have been maltreated by its former owner or be bitten by an another dog. Such traumatic travails will stay in the dog?s memory. We recommend you therefore an exceptional therapy that will help your dog to regain its calmness.

Our miniature mobile device Quanpet has but to be attached to the dog?s collar (Quanpet has a form of a small comfortable and firm clip that can?t be even noticed). The embedded device contains therapeutic recordings, created by a famous psychologist Wanda Wegener. The display can be operated manually or over a special mobile phone application. You just need to choose the application "Fears" and the soothing recording come straight to your dog.

Thanks to the re-run function, you will be able to tailor the therapy to the needs of your dog. The recording can be operated from wherever you are and the small clip on the dog?s collar is even unnoticeable for your dog.

The therapy should be repeated over 3 weeks. Find out that your friend will calm down, feel more secure and reassured.

For dogs - longing

Quanpet - for your dog's reassurance

You love your dog? You want it to be just healthy and happy? Therefore you must take care of the proper comfort ? you only buy full-grade pedigree, choose carefully all the healthy titbits and walk your dog, trying to fool around with it? That may not be sufficient. The animals get attached to their owners. Some races more and other less, but dogs are generally considered the best humans? friend. For that reason many of them suffer when their owner is away. They become torpid and sluggish. Or on the contrary, they only bark, make lot of noise, create havoc at your place just in order to attract attention.

Are you facing such difficulties? As soon as you leave, your doggy starts barking, growling and becomes a real nuisance. We have for you a perfect solution ? an innovative therapeutic program only for animals, hidden in a tiny device Quanpet.

Product description

It is a mobile device in form of a small clip with an embedded display. All you need it to attach it to the dog?s collar and activate the application. "Longing" either manually or over your mobile phone app. This program contains therapeutic recordings that bring comfort to your dog and make it forget about the absence of its owner and act normally.

In that way you may avoid many problems with your dog, especially when you are away and you have to leave your pet alone. The application proves to be efficient also when your dog is taken care of by a stranger?s care and it feels badly about the long absence of its owner.

The recording can be operated manually, directly on the device or over your mobile phone. The application can be easily handled, is intuitive and enables rerunning of its contents. For best results you should apply the therapy for 3 weeks.

What does the package include?

The application "Longing" is available with other applications installed in the device Quanpet (Health, Fear and Aggression).

Check out right now our innovative program, created by a famous psychologist and animal-lover Wanda Wegener and find out how easily your doggy pet can handle this bad feeling of longing for its owner.

For dogs - health

Quanpet - therapeutic device for dog?s recovery

We would like to offer you a mobile device Quanpet which contains the world-first therapeutic program made for animals. The program has been created by an eminent psychologist, coach and author of an unique therapeutic method using the power of mind and visualization ? Wands Wegener.

The application ?Health? is one of the 4 therapeutic programs made for your dogs and other pets. It will help your friend to recover quicker from an illness, to combat any unpleasant pains and improve its comfort. Thanks to the device Quanpet your dog will be more motivated to fight against an illness and will regain its former shape and health.

Product description

The program is designed for all the dogs fighting against different health-related troubles and painful consequences of surgical operations. The Quanpet recordings will calm down your dog and help it to get back on its paws. The therapy should take about 3 weeks.

How to use the application "Health"?

The application ?Health? is available in a whole package with 3 other programs for dogs (Fear, Aggression and Longing). It can be operated either manually on the display of an invisible, tiny clip that is attached to the dog?s collar or over an mobile phone application which can be handled from wherever you are. The therapeutic recordings can be played as many times as possible. It depends on the needs of the animal whose recovery should be supported.

Quanpet will perfectly replace veterinary psychologist?s visits, will help the recovery of your dog as well as to fight its illnesses and get rid of other maladies.


  • Is Quanpet safe?
    Yes, it is safe both for humans and animals
  • What is Quanpet made of?
    Quanpet is made of very durable fabrics

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