Quanpet for horses

Quanpet is a fantastic mobile device with therapeutic programs, made for animals. This mini-size clip contains recordings that will vastly help your pet to reduce fears, aggression, feels of longing or depression and speed up the recovery process.

The horses's app contains following modules: Health, Depression

For horses - Health

Quanpet - fantastic therapeutic and recovery device for horses

The animals are impatient. The vets are well aware of that. For that reason is the recovery process so long. This goes not only for pets but also for horses. They are exposed not only to diseases but also to many injuries that are related to saddle-riding, competitions, pulling activities etc. These injuries can make your horse aggressive, induce it to kicking its owner or on the contrary make it sad and sleepy.

Product description

Help your animals to recover

The prescribed medicines do not always work. The recovery takes often too long, wounds can?t entirely heal and limbs are not able to grow together. That implies a great pain. We recommend a perfect remedy- an innovative device Quanpet. It makes it possible to use an unique therapeutic program, created by a famous psychologist Wanda Wegener who daily deals with using of mind power in the recovery.

How does Quanpet with the application "Health" work?

Quanpet must only be attached to the horse?s harness (the device has a shape of a small clip). The "clip" has an embedded display that can be operated manually or through a special phone application. All you have to do is to choose the module "health" on the display or the screen of your smartphone in order to activate a therapeutic recording that brings soothing and recovery to your animals. The soothing sound coming to your horse will do their perfect job in long-lasting recovery after diverse injuries, medical operations and grave diseases.

The therapy supports pharmacological treatment and makes your animal regain its former physical condition.

The Quanpet device with the application "Health" is recommended to owners of riding centers as well as private breeder. This exceptional therapeutic program enables to minimize the animal sufferings, makes it feel more secure and comfortable.

For horses - Depression

Quanpet - a new remedy against horse depression

Do you love horses? Do you spend your every free time in the saddle? Or do you possibly run a riding center or a horse-breeding facility and you have problems with animals? Did you maybe notice that one of them has become sluggish, sleepy and numb? You can hardly make it run not to mention galloping is a real effort? That could mean a... depression.

Horses' depression

The vets agree- animals just like humans fall ill with a treachery sickness spotted by a low mood. The however can?t ask for help. The outcome of depression may be disastrous. Do not let your animal suffer! Take care of its well-being and health. Choose Quanpet ? a fantastic mobile device containing a world-first therapeutic program for animals.

Product description

Effective therapy

The application ?depression? contains well-elected therapeutic recordings that help your pet to have a better mood. The recordings improve the horses? well-being and help to regain its vital forces. The program has been created by Wanda Wegener who is just not a famous psychologist and specialist in using of motivation and power of mind in therapy but also a animal-lover. The therapy program is based on her knowledge, experiences as well as private contacts and observations of animalistic behavior patterns.

How does it work?

Quanpet is a small clip with a display. It has to be attached to the horse?s harness. The recording can be easily operated just by a few clicks on the device and on your smartphone.

The re-run modus makes it easy to plan a perfect therapy duration which should take about 3 weeks. Choose Quanpet, activate the application "depression" and find out that it really works.


  • Is Quanpet safe?
    Yes, it is safe both for humans and animals
  • What is Quanpet made of?
    Quanpet is made of very durable fabrics

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